Guide Index

We provide lots of info to help you have an excellent North Bay Python. This is a listing of all the key guides and wiki pages.

We want it to make it easy for you to attend North Bay Python, and we want you to have the best possible experience while you're at the conference. This is a listing of all the guides we've prepared for you, including some key pages from the Attendee Wiki.

Please feel free to email us at or find an organizer or volunteer in-person to ask questions and provide feedback.

Planning for North Bay Python

  • How to Pitch Your Manager can help you articulate the business case for paying for you to go to North Bay Python to your manager.
  • How to Get Here covers traveling to and from the conference, including driving, flying, and public transportation.
  • Ride Sharing with other attendees can help you meet other attendees - and save money!
  • Room Sharing with other attendees can reduce the cost of lodging.
  • Where to Stay will help you navigate local lodging with a listing of options alongside info about distance and cost.

During the Conference

  • Accessibility and Accommodations includes information for: parents; people with vision, hearing, and mobility issues; and people with dietary restrictions.
  • Attendee Safety & Emergencies that might involve the Code of Conduct, contacting organizers, calling the police, or finding a hospital or pharmacy.
  • Finding Food is easy in Petaluma, especially with this guide to local restaurants and markets sponsored by Yelp.
  • Fitness doesn't need to take a backseat while at North Bay Python, we have information about gyms and pools as well as running and hiking paths.
  • Getting Around P'town has key distances and details about taxis, busses, and walking paths.
  • Meetups and birds of a feather sessions are great ways to connect with other attendees. Find and attend one or organize your own!
  • Guide coming soon: Partner- and Family-friendly Activities for folks who are bringing their families along to Sonoma County.
  • Report Incidents as per our Code of Conduct. We have procedure guides for attendees as well as staff and volunteers.
  • Guide coming soon: Tourist Guide for those who are staying in Sonoma County before or after North Bay Python.