General Sessions — Dec. 2, 2017

  Mystic Theatre

Check-in and badge collection.


Conference Opening


Keynote – Brandon Rhodes

11:05AM How Unreliable Computers Can Usually Agree (Sort Of): A Brief Tour of the Raft Algorithm Laura Hampton
11:35AM Why does Python need security transparency? Steve Dower

Lunch – Find your own in Downtown Petaluma

01:30PM Loop better: a deeper look at iteration in Python Trey Hunner
02:00PM I Finished the Beginner Tutorial, Now What? Kelsey Karin Hawley
02:30PM Async for the Python 2 Programmer Henry Chen
03:00PM Python (and Fortran and C) as used in large-scale number crunching and scientific programming Catherine Moroney

Afternoon Break

04:15PM Stumbling Through Django and How Not To Melanie Crutchfield
04:45PM What is this machine learning thing, anyway? George Brocklehurst
05:15PM 5 Leadership Skills Every Engineer Needs Kathleen Vignos
05:45PM Colossal Cave Adventure in Python Christopher Swenson

General Sessions — Dec. 3, 2017

  Mystic Theatre

Sunday Housekeeping


Keynote – Carina C. Zona

11:05AM Call C code quickly and compatibly with CFFI Zack Voase
11:35AM A Young Twitter Bot's Illustrated Primer (ebook) Benno Rice

Lunch – Find your own in Downtown Petaluma

01:30PM Mypy-thon gives you wings! Henry Tanner
02:00PM Obeying the Testing Goat: Building a test loving culture at your company Julia Duimovich
02:30PM Nutshell in a Python: Adapting patterns from shell scripts Brett Smith
03:00PM Accessibility Matters: Creating a Better Web Lindsey Dragun

Afternoon Break

04:00PM Search-First Writing for Developers Heidi Waterhouse
04:30PM On Quiet Developers Seán Hanson
05:00PM import madness # how to implement mergesort from scratch using only import statements George London
05:30PM Running Vintage Software: PyPI's Aging Codebase. Ernest W. Durbin III

Conference Closing