5 Leadership Skills Every Engineer Needs
By Kathleen Vignos

Through surveys, coaching, and discussions by the “water cooler,” we hear the same refrain from software engineers. What do I need to do now to set myself up for success later? How can I be a more effective teammate? How do I provide good estimates, manage my time, and develop leadership qualities? You’ll walk away from this talk with tips and tools you can use.

Saturday 5:15 p.m.–5:40 p.m.

  1. Speaker intro

  2. Why does leadership matter for non-managers?

  3. Audience participation: what about leadership?

  4. Top concerns

    • Using audience input and survey data from over 100 senior software engineers, we’ll discuss the top concerns related to leadership and working effectively with teams.
  5. Methodology

  6. Explore leadership skills

  7. Resources

Kathleen Vignos

Kathleen Vignos is a full stack engineer turned manager who has led engineering teams at Twitter and Wired. She’s worked at two startups (one of which she founded), traveled the western US for management consulting and professional services, taught business software programming at the university level, won a hackathon, and built dozens of websites. Other experiences include everything from being on call as a COBOL programmer for Y2K to modifying a React app for a hack week project. She holds engineering degrees from UCLA and Michigan.