Stumbling Through Django and How Not To
By Melanie Crutchfield

Are you a beginner worried about starting your first Django project? It can be so intimidating! Add in costly mistakes and you’ll find yourself scrapping your project and starting over like I did. Twice. (Okay, fine. Three times.) Come to this talk for a handful of tips, and a lot of high-fives.

Saturday 4:15 p.m.–4:40 p.m.

If you’re a beginner about to embark on a new Django project adventure, this talk is for you.

When I started my first Django project, I took the “Sure, I think I can figure that out” approach, which is fun! And also dangerous. But exciting! And also horrible because I caused myself a lot of trouble and barfed on my keyboard. (Metaphorically.) Oops.

My hope for this talk is to pass along lessons I learned the hard way, and save the world. Or at least prevent some frustration. :)

We’ll talk about:

  • version control
  • structuring your project
  • and how to handle top secret stuff.

We’ll also talk about:

  • throwing house parties without causing anaphylaxis
  • pregnant daddy seahorses
  • velociraptors
  • and friends.

I promise all of that is related to Django.

Melanie Crutchfield

Melanie is a creator, tinkerer, and prisoner of hope (h/t Cornel West). She peddles happiness at and has been known to engage in high-fivery. (Especially windmill high-fives.)

Melanie has been learning Python and Django for a handful of years and doesn’t plan to stop. She is an organizer with PyLadies San Diego, the San Diego Python User Group, and Django Girls San Diego. She loves helping people get their feet wet in programming and helping promote diversity in tech. She’s a mental health advocate, an anti-racism activist, and a chocolate enthusiast.

Melanie believes in kindness, Ben and Jerry’s Salted Carmel Core ice cream, and spunk. And you.