What is this machine learning thing, anyway?
By George Brocklehurst

From self driving cars, to trippy psychedelic images, to beating world class players at board games—machine learning is all over the place. But, err, what is it? This talk will introduce you to the basics of machine learning in a no-nonsense, practical way, without a lot of mathematical notation.

Saturday 4:45 p.m.–5:10 p.m.

This talk will introduce a machine learning technique called linear regression, in a way that's targeted at working developers, not mathematicians or theoretical computer scientists. Want to get started with machine learning? This is how. Many of the principles of linear regression apply to other machine learning techniques, so the ground we cover today will set you up to explore the wider world of machine learning.

George Brocklehurst

George has been making things and putting them on the Internet since the early 2000's. Originally from the UK, these days he lives in New York and writes Ruby and Python at thoughtbot.