Obeying the Testing Goat: Building a test loving culture at your company
By Julia Duimovich

To test or not to test– that is not really a question. We all know it’s important. But how do you make it happen? Learn to herd coworkers in the right direction with pain-reducing test infrastructure, planning for tests during the architectural process & acknowledgment of places where testing isn’t the way.

Sunday 2 p.m.–2:25 p.m.

We all know we should test our code. We all know that we should have a hypothetically perfectly tested codebase. But how many people actually do? Why don't we? What's stopping us? We'll talk about the skills and mentality everyone needs to have, the infrastructure that cuts down on the amount of work that you need to do to write a test, directly influencing how many of your coworkers actually write comprehensive tests. We'll also talk about planning and the torturous process of accepting what you can't test. You'll leave this talk planning to add an onboarding session dedicated to testing, excited about test infrastructure such as factories, and looking forward to the day that you discover the tests are there, and they can help you understand the code's structure and intended usage.

Julia Duimovich

Julia is a backend developer who likes coffee and fuzzy logic. She thinks a lot about how to change developer cultures to help people make better software with less of a headache. She is Canadian and currently lives in Mexico City.